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Tomorrow stands for energy, energy, vitality and vigour, for new possibilities of the life which one may not miss. The morning, as well as the daybreak or aurora or the sunrise have in the dream a positive meaning. They are a sign for the fact that something unconscious moves in the consciousness or something new originates. As it were the sigh in the dream which solves the darkness, the uncertainty of the dreamer and exposes new roads. The morning is the time in which the sun brings to light everything in which decides whether we develop to the good or rather to the bad. This time of day sometimes indicates also own youth.



  • Your grief was groundless, everything is getting better again.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the expiry of the life: the morning corresponds to the youth, the midday of the maturity which means afternoon: to the abyss go towards, the evening: approach the end,
  • a clear daybreak: if oncoming luck,
  • announces
  • a cloudy morning: important matters will load to one.
(See also evening, midday, Morning-red, the sun, time and other time of day)

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