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In general:

The symbol of the murderer refers to the murderous side of the edged out shade. It may also point to your aggression. In some situations one would like to kill simply other people. In the dream this can be understood as a positive sign if it documents a resignation overdue long time ago, - nevertheless, it can be indicated as negative if it expresses the inability to argue with other (and, in the end, itself). Murderer should promise a long life after old dream books.


Deep-psychologically one understands him often as a symbol of the suppressed psychic contents which cause fears if one does not accept them again consciously. He appears like a shade in the dream and kills - the love which was holy to us, the feelings, the Aufwärtsstreben. Analogously in addition the murder in the vision is the forcible end of a period of life or sign for a difficult situation in which we, our members of the family or our friends hineinschlittern would be able.



  • see seizing: you need courage and determination,
  • one wants to entice you.

(European ones).:

  • warns against not proceeding frivolously in danger, - see: if a long life promises.


  • see: one will repeat to you nothing good.
(See also corpse, murder)

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