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Association: - violent end. Question: - What want I to do to bring any thing to an end?

In general:

Murder stands often for edged out feelings and missed life possibilities which one does not accept, - then one must try to intrigue them consciously in the life. This dream symbol shows that the dreaming possibly neglects a part of his being to which he does not trust or tries this to control him strongly. Maybe there are also overpowering feelings concerning the other people who may be expressed only in the protected atmosphere of the dream. If the dreaming is murdered in his dream, this shows that a part of his life has completely got from the balance, is destroyed by external circumstances and one is used in a predicament. If one commits a murder, one radical change can announce in the life.


The murder means in the dream though no real mortal danger, however, is to be understood as a warning signal. Besides, it is uninterested whether the dreaming himself is committed the murder or whether he is committed in him, in this picture appears that a side of his personality has separated by force. This can refer to unused abilities as well as to relations with people. If the dreaming suffers from depressions, murder dreams can appear as more frequent, because depressions directed aggressions can be understood in many cases than against themselves. If the dreaming is so angry that he could kill, this also maybe shows that he has not still mastered certain painful experiences from his childhood. If the dreaming tries in his dream to kill a certain person, then he must understand first what this person symbolises for him to understand his feelings and to attain power about them.


At the spiritual level the vision murder / murderer stands for deliberate destruction.


Pay attention also to whether reliefs can be proved by certain people or not. Thus somebody dreamt, he has been killed by his man. He was released by the murderer because the death this meant, - the originators of his death was also the originator of his freedom, - it lay in his power. Against it became that which dreamt of being killed by his coslave, not freely - then the coslave was not able at all to release him - but quarrelled with him, - then murderers are enemies of her victims.



  • commit in a stranger: watch out for coarse offences, they would agree to you badly, - also: points to avarice and thoughtlessness in the business area, - also: you Li> wishes your enemies bad person,
  • commit, in general: One fights with something that one would like to remove. However, it would have to be overcome from inside out.
  • commit in a friend: one should think over the true respect with this,
  • see: unexpected luck (strong contrast dream!), - long life,
  • become: a part of the life has completely got from the balance and now one threatens to be overcome by external circumstances.

(European ones).:

  • forcible end of a period of life, - often homicide of own person,
  • of murder dreams can be also the true dreams which are able to lead to the clarification of murder cases
  • covered to personal life: the misfortune of another person brings to a self-advantage,
  • are murdered: meant care, fear and also grief, - own predicament or compulsive situation is used by others, - enemies work in confidential on your decline,
  • take part in the murder of a person actively or passively: if unexpected luck indicates, - which one can attain by other people misfortune, - the name will be branded by this dirty business,
  • see: the crimes will prepare more different for a worry, - matters will run slowly, - one will get to know from forcible deaths, - be an eyewitness: the disputes in the surroundings do not load, - tip to a long life.


  • see: unexpected luck is given you.
(See also 'burial', corpse')

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