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In general:

A moor symbolises feelings which can undermine trust and well-being. If the dreaming sinks into his dream in the moor, this means that he is overpowered by a feeling. If he lets another person sink into the moor, this is to be understood as an oversized emotional need of the dreaming. If one threatens to get stuck only in it, one is afraid not to be able to master his life. If one washes the mud, he is away on the best to solve his mental conflicts. If he sees another person in it sinking, he longs for true affection and friendship.


A moor is a little bit primeval material - something what all other arises from. In the stage of The Uranfänglichkeit the dreaming has no image of which potential he owns. The moor is a dream symbol for basic, disagreeable feelings, sensations or experiences of the dreaming. Mud, morass or marsh can stand for a picture of disagreeable propelling wishes of the dreaming. With the moor to which the dreamer or another dream figure goes in, the unconscious draws the unsafe destiny for which one heads in the awake life. If he sinks into the moor or passes danger to sink into it, lies with strong feelings of guilt or frightened feelings of the dreaming or him the water stands possibly up to the neck. If the dreaming can overcome the danger, this is called that he has enough strength also in reality to finish his problems. Sometimes, however, the dreamer also floats above the moor there - a good sign: he will stand in the life everyday life about the things!


At this level the moor in the dream can symbolise big spiritual knowledge.



  • see: Struggles for existence, - promises charges which can be overcome by no strains, - illnesses and other worries depress to one,
  • davorstehen: you are in love unhappily,
  • hineinsteigen: your way is wrong and leads in the misfortune,
  • wade: a dark future, - also heavy illness,
  • wade and again get firm ground under the feet: one will be able to straighten again everything,
  • get stuck in it, sink: anxious future,
  • take mud-bath: Luck and profit.

(European ones).:

  • registers that one should not allow to entice himself, but should take every step which one does carefully. An amount of difficulties approach.


  • see: anxious days come.
(See also marsh, water)

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