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Association: - Denied, - menace. Question: - What do I fear in myself?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Bulky, - awfully, - hideously, - maliciously, - stupidly. Description: There are so many kinds of monsters how there are people whom they fancy or see. The most different forms have been described since the earliest times everywhere in the world. Many of them seem in legends about the planet earth, other are to the core after products of the contemporary entertainment industry. General meaning: That before what you are afraid no matter whether it exists really or only in your image, - often fears of the mind. Association: Dinosaur. Transcendent meaning: Monsters often bring gifts for the dreamer. The best kind to work with them consists in positioning itself to them and in asking them what they want to teach you or give you. Then they will hand to you either her gift or disappear.

In general:

Monsters like Frankenstein, Golem and similar symbols or animal monsters register that your shade has become overpowering. What does make this monster? What does it remind you spontaneously of? Maybe you are also too credulous?


Who dreams of monsters, has possibly seen too many appropriate films - this would be the most banal, but also an obvious explanation. If not: As dream symbols monsters and mythical creatures show the animal instinct in us, 'ungezügelte Triebhaftigkeit'. (See also beast, mythical figure, shadow shapes, monster)

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