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Lunar eclipse

In general:

To dream of a lunar eclipse, the fears and doubts of the dreaming symbolise concerning his success. Other people in his circle of acquaintances seem to be more important and more successful than he, hence, he cannot be contented with his achievements. Lunar eclipse often indicates that the emotional life is suppressed by the overestimation of the mind, - often she stands also as a serious warning before losses and other problems.


If the dreaming does not succeed in retaining integrity his cheerfulness and calmness, he can enter in the next time into a difficult and problematic phase. If the moon darkens, something can turn upside down what was described under moon.


At the spiritual level the lunar eclipse in the dream can show trust loss.



  • dangers of different kind, - the death of a friend.

(European ones).:

  • indicates serious losses or difficulties, - also: if serious difficulties or death announce.


  • faithlessness.
(See also moon)

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