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Association: - Retreat, - spiritual life. Question: - Which part of me needs the retreat before the demands of the life?

In general:

Monk warns against withdrawing too far from the world and the reality, against neglecting the worldly things too strongly. The mendicant should warn after old dream interpretation about impoverishment. However, it can also be that he wishes religious instructions or he would like to make a religious experience.


Also the monk reminds of a life of the renunciation and the renunciation. If the dreamer himself is the monk, he must maybe renounce in the awake life something which was dear to him and worth. If we meet in the dream events a monk, we maybe seek advice and help with an unselfish person.



  • see or speak: in misery are raised by a priest, - also: a meeting with somebody by whose help our life destiny undergoes a determining change,
  • meet or welcome: one will soon find out advice and help from a person from whom one would have expected it in the least one,
  • are accompanied by one in the desert or to a palm grove: it approaches a security and security by a beloved partner,
  • be: you hide something from your friends,
  • see themselves as one: one will have to master difficulties which require the most full concentration.

(European ones).:

  • see for men, monks and with them operate: means that one comes to pleasant society, - also: one has in a thing a bad conscience,
  • see one: one could meet somebody by whose help the life destiny takes a good turn,
  • be: one suffers personal losses and illnesses,
  • see themselves as one: A time of the Only being approaches. This can be doing good and fertile.


  • Dreaming to the emperor, he would be clipped like a monk and has been fitted out, he will lose rule and Empire and die soon in misery. A subject who dreams such and suffers will end in oppressive poverty his life. A married woman will lose her man, die an unmarried one single.
(See also of priest)

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