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Model (model)


They mince about the catwalk and sun themselves in the limelight and applause? Here it goes not your dream job, but to be your nightmare, not always the nicest, best and most miraculous. Their self-confidence has got some scratches, and if you look in the morning (in crude terms) at your reflexion, are found nastily. From this feeling of inferiority results concentrated (and strenuous) attempt to correspond constantly to the newest beauty ideal. To this permanent stress your psyche has not grown, she searches a valve for herself and worries for the fact, that you to nice dreams. (Knew you that it needs on an average 2-3-hour complete application of Visagisten and Hairstyling, until a model looks like a model?)



  • you will find new love.

(European ones).:

  • see: the business interests go to the money, - quarrel and remorse follow,
  • Holding to itself a young woman for a model or wants to be them one, it is involved in a dear affair which gives her worries big because of a selfish friend.
(See also model)

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