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Piece of furniture

Association: - Identity, - positions, - dogmas. Question: - How do I prepare it in the house of itself?

In general:

The pieces of furniture which play a role in the dream symbolise as a rule as the dreaming feels his family and his life at home. They symbolise the settings and habits which the dreaming has developed. Dark, heavy pieces of furniture can be a tip to depressions, - however, bright, slender furnishings conclude by joy of life and sensory ability. Pieces of furniture symbolise internal positions, views, settings and convictions, the way as one has prepared in the life. A dream in which one carried piece of furniture to and fro or tried to accommodate on scanty space states something about how awake-I handles with the huge number of his problems. Maybe one tried to accommodate 'everything'. If one made it in the dream satisfactory, the chances stand good that one controls the everyday life. If one dreamt of his favorite piece of furniture, this maybe puts the person or what embodies they there whom this uses most often.


The house stands in the dream as a symbol for the whole personality of the dreaming, the pieces of furniture in the house are the dream representation of certain traits or wishes. New pieces of furniture in the dream translate our everyday wishes which can be absolutely fulfilled, or the longing for a maybe available nice home. The pieces of furniture in the dream sometimes signal the need of the dreaming for security and stability - in particular if they stand in direct connection to a suitable past. With single pieces of furniture the following interpretation can be considered:
  • The state in which the pieces of furniture are in the dream is of great importance.
  • bed / mattress: They symbolise the subtle areas in important partner relations and stand in connection with intimacy and sexual pleasure. For some people the bed is a place of the security and the rest, a place at which they can be completely alone.
  • culinary piece of furniture: The pieces of furniture which are in the kitchen are signs for the psychic and physical needs of the dreaming.
  • culinary table: Interestingly just the culinary table draws erotic sexülle associations. However, it is also the meeting place of the family.
  • bookshelves: They are a tip to experience of life and spiritual interests.
  • chair / armchair: Both show that the dreaming needs a phase of the rest and rest. Possibly he should free himself once consciously from all obligations to be opener for new possibilities.
  • cupboard / wardrobe: They maybe show things which the dreaming would like to hide. Nevertheless, at the same time they also symbolise the different roles with which the dreaming handle and which he must play in his life.
  • desk: He symbolises the achievement will in the professional area. Pay attention particularly to it with which feelings you experience him in the dream what lies close to work on him and what you start or with him.
  • The sofa points in the even stronger measure than the chair to the repose. If there is opposition against it or needs for the fact that you calm down, are contented and it to themselves comfortably make
? Are there reasons to get up now and to work harder?
  • carpet: The carpet in a dream symbolises the teamwork of emotionality and financial situation. The colour of the carpet can play a role (see 'colors').
  • table: The table in a dream can stand with a public activity and with social action in connection (see also 'altar' under 'religious pictures').
  • chest: In the chest something is hidden to from the eyes of the visitors like in the cupboard, on the other hand plays here particularly the age an important role. Pay attention to what you connect with the time from which the chest comes. Symbol of the 'potted', personal treasures and old loads!


At the spiritual level pieces of furniture in the dream can be honoured objects because they stand in narrow respect with certain experiences of the dreaming.



  • see: if prosperity can mean, however, also material thinking that to us besieges like pieces of furniture,
  • shop: your position will make amends,
  • bring in the flat: Engagement and wedding,
  • sell: Loss and need.

(European ones).:

  • promise shortly a small house or a flat, - an unconcerned future and prosperity,
  • old and broken ones: Advantages,
  • clarifies have: good future,
  • see carrying in an empty flat: you will found own home,
  • see clearing: Change or illness.
(See also under single furniture names)

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