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In general:

Midday stands for the matured consciousness of the adult who forms his life in the harmony with itself.


Just as the other time of day and seasons is the dream symbol of the midday an orientation tip to the dreaming. Either the dreaming has approached in the day middle his problems concealed in the subconsciousness, or the midday points to the life middle. It is a tip to the situation in which we just are. Because the sun stands highest by midday, the time of day sometimes gives to us also the state on which we are (after midday it possibly goes again downhill!), - this often means that we have arrived now at the height of our capacity.



  • you has big love affairs,
  • a situation or person at this time of day: an unconcerned future approaches. (48, - 68)

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the expiry of the life: the morning corresponds to youth, the midday of the maturity which means afternoon: to the abyss go towards, the evening: approach the end.
(See also evening, night)

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