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Antique interpreters of dreams foresaw luck and big wealth in a dunghill, because the dung allows to grow and prosper what carries rich fruit. To evaluate after today's view rather ideal as material. The other he stands for the inclination by rash statements to injured. One should appropriate more sense of tact.



  • see a lot, - big: Wealth, - big, long-constant luck,
  • small: Need and illness,
  • see themselves with on or unloading: with diligence one will come to prosperity and attain esteem,
  • hineinfallen: an unexpected event will bring to a lot of joys.

(European ones).:

  • it stand to a profit from springs in the house where one would have expected it to least ones, - for the farmer this is a happy dream, because he predicts good weather and fullness of plant products and cattle products,
  • for a young woman means this that she will marry a very rich man.
(See also dung)

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