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Association: - unfulfilled expectation, - disappointment. Question: - Which part of themselves is I to be accepted and to love ready? Where in my life I strive for perfection?

In general:

For an otherwise healthy person are the dreams in which he shows a deformity or Verkrüpplung very disconcerting. The most obvious interpretation of such symbols is that that one was made by an injury of the feelings to the mental cripple and can also change in it nothing. Has somebody injured awake-I severely? Also one should think about the self-esteem. Does one have a bad opinion of himself and own action manner? Does one feel in his soul life a deformity? Maybe the intentions or expectations of the life are bent anyhow. One remembers that also another crippled or disfigured person can explain in own dream herself.


They dream of having suddenly a hump, a shortened arm or gigantic scars? Here confides about the perception of physical deformities a mental 'Verkrüppelung' which you do not want to admit. They suffer from neurotic fears and have got from the balance. But you camouflage and deny your problem instead of acting a little bit against it - and if it is with therapeutic help.



  • The success of your work disappoints you.
(See also impediment,' paralysis')

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