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Millionnaire / million

In general:

In the dream one can be a millionnaire, even if one is a poor Schlucker in the awake life. Here the unconscious probably wants to refer to the fact that of the empires is not any more than the arms - then nobody can take his wealth with in the grave. The millionnaire's dream gives to little prosperous hope that it can become better real with him. Though, by the way, million salaries or million profits seem in dreams, however, is hardly reality-related foreboding.


One of the oldest dreams, but it is never meant real money! The soul would like to scoop from the full, but be thereby also envied centre.



  • be: soon suffer financial damage,
  • hold back as towards his person friendly and generously: the damage will keep to a certain extent,
  • behave as another towards stingy: one will have to pocket considerable losses,
  • million: big profit in view,
  • see millionnaire: you can count on no help.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant a deception or disappointment,
  • even a millionnaire be: if brings poverty or deterioration of the situation.

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