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The military

Association: - Work on the aggression. Question: - Where in my life I am threatened? What strengthens me?

In general:

Old-Indian dream books interpret the military (soldier) as fear or forthcoming excitement. Needs often appear in it also sexual (partly masochistic).


The vision of military arrangements or soldiers is similar to that of the hero. It stands for the urge of the dreaming for validity, selfconfirmation and adventure. Also aggressiveness and immature masculinity of the dreaming can express itself in it. If the dream or the dream action is felt as disagreeable, the dreaming wants to change called qualities and develop. Who is in the dream with the military and must stand to attention there, has in the awake life maybe a bad position, should prove more discipline. Who dreams as a former soldier of the military, stands often before any check or an event in which he must turn out able of penetration. Longer-serving soldiers do not dream, by the way, mostly of the military because it is probably heard to her everyday life and is exiled, therefore, from her visions. We hold the opinion of some psychoanalysts that with the women who dream of the military, rape wishes would be shown which they suppress in the deliberate life for moral reasons, though, for quite far-fetched.



  • see deploying in general or: Restlessness, insecurity and dangers approach. One should be especially careful during the next weeks.
  • see moving out: Beginning of warlike events,
  • see moving: quick conclusion of peace,
  • agree in the accommodation: heavy loads must endure.

(European ones).:

    however, here
  • with women often sexual rape wish, - is to be respected particularly to the own interpretation,
  • announces fear, need, misery as well as loss of members of the family or property,
  • military marchings up see: during the following weeks threatens a lot of excitement, maybe even fear and dangers, - the highest care is offered.


  • see: Excitement, fear and need,
  • the foreign see marching: it will happen strange things in the country.
(See also war, mobilisation, soldier, uniforms, weapons)

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