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Association: - Communication. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to raise the voice and to pronounce something?

In general:

Microphone indicates one like loudspeaker above all as a need to talk to others and craving for recognition. A symbolic tip to the fact that one do not keep a little bit for himself but 'inform publicly' had to go - even if it does not become quite simply (and, perhaps, embarrassingly).


It points out to the fact that one should take up in the awake life something which is useful to one, or one needs help to make understood himself better his people. Want you to say your environment something? Or was the microphone defective? Who stops or what you from pronouncing it?


(European ones).:

  • see: in up to now secretly or for himself kept thing one has to go quietly with the language herausrücken,
  • in hineinsprechen: one will have opportunity to talk to himself somewhat of the heart.
(See also loudspeaker)

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