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Rent / rent

In general:

In the dream rent indicates to pay to take over personal responsibility. The dreaming is ready to provide for himself and to take over responsibility for the person whom it is. If the dreaming himself receives a rent payment, this points out to the fact that he has begun a business which develops to his advantage. If one gives to himself troubles because one cannot pay the due rent or mortgage any more, this is no problem, however, in reality, the dream draws the attention to a heavy burden which presses one.


There comes the time, because the dreaming space must create for itself to be able to exhaust his potential. The figures of rent permit to him ead. in the dream the payment of rent stands for independent action.


From spiritual view the person must learn the right contact with money and values only anew.



  • a flat, - for married: Deterioration of your relations, - for single: Engagement and wedding,
  • a house: big issues for pointless things,
  • an official person: good trend of affairs,
  • a carriage: happy journey with little money.

(European ones).:

  • rent a house: promises gainful shops,
  • do not get to rent living space: points to low business activity,
  • pay rent: the financial interests will develop positively,
  • cannot pay rent: one will have to deplore sinking income, - leisure pleasure will not pay off.

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