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Measurements / measure

In general:

Can measure to more strains and courage request to switch off an opponent. In general stand behind it care, mistrust and criticism ability which one should use more.


If one dreams of measurements which requires the calculation of lengths, temperature or flow amount, these stand in direct respect with attempts to control own feelings and to arrange. One of the clearest tips of this kind is the appearance of a barometre or thermometer in the dream, because these instruments measure atmospheric pressure and temperature variations. Did the thermometer rise in the dream? Had one warmed himself up for somebody or something? Or did the feelings cook even about? Did one have fever? Did the barometre rise or fell and thereby indicated stormy weather or calm? Such a dream is not necessarily a prediction - i.e. he does not mean that one loses his 'chill head' or that stormy times approach. He could warn about an idiom of the things in the awake life which would enter if one is not careful. With some practise one should be able to use such tips for a change of the behaviour to At and to circumnavigate with it the storm.



  • measure something: your efforts towards improvement of your household will be useless, - also: save with your strength, you do not live forever.

(European ones).:

  • measure something: if the premeaning of good news and a successful plan has, - in a thing one is careful rightly or distrustful,
  • in even: one will be put through the paces by somebody without noting it absolutely independently,
  • to itself with somebody: one will have a rival or competitor.


  • something: you are surrounded by bad people and/or by spies.
(See also 'measure')

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