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Crowd of people

In general:

A dream in which the dreaming is in the middle of a human mass could point to the fact that he liked to belong to it or does not know presently where he should turn. Nevertheless, behind it the attempt can also be to camouflage own feelings or to hide own opinion. To be a part of a happy, rousing crowd of people, satisfaction and security embodies in the occupation, in the social sphere or in a love relationship. If one feels, however, claustrophobia or feels from the amount threatened and run over, means the insecurity and fear of the upcoming problems which deal with other people.


The dreaming must retain integrity his anonymity, get a facade or become a member of a group of like-minded people. Who sees them in the dream, Old-Egyptian dream researchers wealth and prosperity promised to that. Really the vision hardly knows the huge number of people, because mostly only a few play a role in the dream.


At the spiritual level the human mass in the dream symbolises the national faith or widespread religious feelings.



  • crowd: Excitement and annoyance,
  • hineingeraten: you do not arise to the competition.

(European ones).:

  • normally promises good if black or sombre clothes does not rule,
  • are in one: one will get a lot of support on his way and achieve thus his aim,
  • big, good-dressed see in an event: if pleasant surroundings with friends promise, however, everything disturbs what the pleasure of the guests, means grief and the loss of friendship where profit and favorable connections were to be expected, misfortune, - also rules: a fallen out government and informal tensions also approach,
  • one in the church: a death expects to one it, or discrepancies appear,
  • on the street: if means extremely lively trade, - one is favoured in general by the luck,
  • try to be heard in this: one will put through his interests compared with all others,
(See also person)

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