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Human excrement


Animal dung is of use to farmers, excluded human excrement, - to all others he means frustration and damage and if he stains, illness. He gets only the people who pursue a dirty craft advantages and after identity card of the experience profit. If one looks human excrement in large quantities, it indicates a lot of different evil. It behaves with it as follows: If one sees him on the street, at the market or on a public place, he makes the stay at the concerning places impossible, often he stops from appearing in public, in single cases the people who did not follow the dream face had to pay for big evil with her head. It is quite a bad portent if one dirties himself with human excrement, from somewhere herabrinnt. However, I know somebody to whom it dreamt that a friend and rich friends who stood with him on you and you on the head makes to him. This man acquired the property of his comrade and became his heir. In another case one dreamt, the same one happens to him of a poor friend, - he was damaged by this sensitively and was covered with big insult. It was quite consistent that in the ersteren case the prosperous left his fullness the dreaming, in the latter, however, of the arms which had to leave bequeath nothing the dreaming despised and to him did insult and disgrace. If somebody dreams, he dirties himself the thighs down, he will bring on to himself unspeakable evil and become in addition ill. A bad portent is also to make in the bed, - long Siechtum prophesies it, because only the people who do not have any more the strength to get up and those, which are ill from death are in habit to make under themselves. The dream face because of the Beschmutzung of the camp often means separation of the wife and the lovers. If one makes in the house, while one lives, on the ground, one will remain no longer there, - then at dirtied places one stays no moment. Most badly and most dangerous it is fine to do his call of nature in the temple of a divinity, on the marketplace, on the street or in a bath, - this prophesies the rage of the gods, a big indiscretion and a sensitive fine, further it brings concealed and wakes often hatred for the dreaming. If one empties himself seated on his toilet or a firm night chair and one eliminates many excrements, is for everybody a good sign, - it meant relief of worries and any discomfort, - then the body feels completely made easier after the bowel movement. From good premeaning is this dream experience, because of the name, also in view of a trip and the return of travelling, - the bowel movement one calls, as everybody knows, exit. (The word aphodos means exit, deduction as well as trip, return.) I have made the experience that the emptying on the beach, in ways, on free field, by a river and in lakes is favorable and means the same like on a toilet and that such a dream face quite consistently comes true. The person concerned causes because at this place further no damage, and he can relieve himself there without causing offence. (See also toilet, toilet)

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