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Human team


To go with a human team, brings only their advantage which want to rule, distant sophist, to teachers, gym instructors and slave traders, while it overthrows the remaining people in defamations of character and in the downfall. To go by a 2-wheeled or 4-2-wheeled carriage, before the person are curious, means not only, one will rule over many, but promises to the dreaming, moreover, good children. In view of travelling it is by no means from use, - on the one hand it indicates security, on the other hand, it prophesies big slowness. To be curious like a quadruped before a carriage, points to the dreaming, even if he lives in shining and luxuriant relations, slavery, drudgery and illness in. It dreamt one, that he, done under the yoke, together with his longest late brother harnessed and from his mother who led the reins, how a draught animal is driven. Critically ill he came with his mother, died and was buried at the side of his brother, - and this was the carriage and pair which the mother had brought together with difficulty.

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