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Human meat


The pleasure of human meat brings after my observation the biggest and highest luck in the dream if it is only not that of a friend or member of the family, - then who has eaten of the meat of a member, will bury this, and he himself (will eke out only with low bites his life). Since it is quite natural that one reaches only under compulsion of big privation, as it is the case in times of war and famines, to such food (according to the God's law to strictest ones forbidden!) . In the worst of all one, however, it would be to consume the meat of his own son, - it prophesies abrupt death, except, one dreams of eating from those body parts of the son by which this earns his living, - e.g. if he is a runner, from the feet if he is a craftsman from the hands, or if he is a wrestler, from the shoulders. In this case the dream experience gives wealth, to the father use of his son to the son. It is advantageous to eat the meat of all other people, - then anyhow live one on the substance of the others if they use themselves mutually. Always it is better to eat the meat of men than that of women, likewise from children as from old people. To eat from his own meat brings to a poor luck, - he will come by physical work and strain to big property and not live in this manner though on his meat, probably, however, from the salary of his meat. From good premeaning it is further to a foreman if he eats of those body parts by which he earns excellently his living, - namely work one with both hands, other only with one, third with the fingertips, again other with the whole body. For belletrists it is good if they give to eat mouth and tongue to others, - they will acquire by mouth and tongue a lot of money and be so able to grant also other maintenance. If one consumes his own mouth or his own tongue, he will lose his speech ability. It means private individuals to remorse for cheeky speeches. A woman who eats from own meat will go whoring and live in this manner by own body. It announces everybody which has a friend or narrow relative or beloved person on the sickbed grief, - then mourning consume her own meat, while they disfigure themselves in pain. It announces an empire and everybody which leads a life completely by wish nothing good if he eats of own meat, - it means a complete circulation of the life-style and the property relations of the dreaming just as food of own excrement. A man who had three sons dreamt, two of them slaughtered him and consumed his meat, however, the latest one comes, makes to the other reproaches serious to both, would be completely knocked down and says full loathing: 'I touch from the father nothing. ' It met that his latest son died, - then he alone should not get not possibly from the meat, but from the property of the father his part, while he parted before this from the life and was not heir to him. The others, however, which had eaten inherited the fatherly property.



  • The meat admits a multiple regulation.
  • Dreaming one, he has become thicker and more corpulent, he will find according to his corpulence in clothes luxury fallen.
  • Dreaming a rich man, he has decreased, he will hide his wealth and simulate to all world to be poor, - a pauper will end in illness and misery be abhorred a woman by her man or her members.


  • All meat means of the person whole wealth and all his money.
  • Dreaming somebody, he has become thicker, he will come according to the increase in weight to money and wealth.
  • Being he losing weight, he will become impoverished and fall ill.
  • Eating of a human meat, he will get rich by defamation, depending on, whether he has eaten a lot of or few meat.
  • roasted human meat indicates to eat, one will fill the pockets by usury unfairly. A pauper will be punished by his superior, a woman secretly go whoring and put weakly children in the world.
(See also meat)

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