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In general:

Person asks not to isolate himself, to search more society. However, a happy person can also announce worries. The dream figures which appear in the dream of the dreaming take over roles which the dreaming assigns to them, are as a rule aspects of his personality or projections of his inner life.


To be able to decipher the different 'messages' whom every dream shape provides for the dreaming, he must argue in intensive manner with them. The meaning of a dream must not always be deciphered completely. Sometimes it is sufficient if the dreaming fancies the effects which the behaviour of the dream figures on his everyday life could have. A remarkable opposition often appears between two dream figures, or, however, the behaviour of the dreaming towards of two dream figures differs very strongly of each other. Obvious the polarity of the dreaming is shown in the dream in this manner. A dream figure could be a person from the past of the dreaming and bring him with a certain life phase in touch, it was painful and is not processed yet completely.

- compound dream figures emphasise as compound animals the signs or qualities on which the dreaming should concentrate his attention. Every dream figure reflects a facet of the personality of the dreaming. If he moves himself into the situation of his dream figures, the dreaming is often able to understand his own 'missing' personality shares better. In detail the following dream figures in the dream can play a role:

  • old people: In the dream old people possibly put the forefathers or grandparents of the dreaming
  • the knowledge which has collected by experience. If the old person is a man, he symbolises - be depending on the gender of the dreaming - or his Animus. If the old person is a woman, this figure represents the big mother or the Anima. Father-figures often appear in the garment of an old person, as if with it her unapproachableness should be emphasised.
  • A group of old people in the dream shows as a rule traditions and rules of etiquette of the past - those things which are holy for the 'trunk' or the family.
  • older people in the dream are as a rule parental figures, even if her shapes stand apparently in no respect with them.
  • of members of maintaining occupations: This refers to the compassionate, caring side and often also to an appeal. With a man this is as a rule a tip to a nichtsexuelle respect.
  • authority's people: The person develops his image of authority in the respect with his mother and his father. How the dreaming handles with authority's people, depends on how he was treated as a child, - from the gentle assistant up to the exploitative disciplinarian all roles are conceivable. Authority's people in the dream point to the dreaming, after all, what is properly for him, even if he not always favours this at first sight. They stand for the superego of the dreaming, are his controlling and judging internal authority. If police seems in the dream, it symbolises social control and a protecting element for the dreaming as a member of the society.
  • baby: If the baby in the dream is the child of the dreaming, this refers to those vulnerable feelings which he does not have up to now under control. If it is the child of another dream figure, it draws the attention of the dreaming to the vulnerability and innocence of this person. The dreaming is his Itself, the responsibility with the innocent, odd side neither needs to take over nor wishes, in touch. At the spiritual level the baby means in the dream that the dreaming would like to feel pure.
  • respect partner: If a dream of a present or former respect partner acts, the dreaming connection with the affectionate and sexual feelings which stand with this friend in connection takes up. If she dreams of this respect partner as from a man whom she could never have fancied as such, then she must argue with her kind, as she refers to men, stronger. Maybe she must think more about the loving, caring side of the masculinity. She is still in search of the ideal lover.
  • respect partner: If in the dream of a man a friend or ex-friend steps on the plan, sexual fears are possibly in the play. On the other hand, this can be a tip to crude respect problems.
  • dictator: If the dreaming had a domineering father, a known dictator can take over this role in his dreams.
  • intruder: In the dream of a woman an intruder is often the embodiment of the Animus. In the dream of a man he shows his shade. In both cases the vision of the dreaming requires to change his setting and to develop with it a healthy respect with itself.
  • parents: On the one hand are demanded with father and mother our male and female side, as well as our fatherly and motherly side. At the same time the parental relations of the dreamers or female dreamers play with these dream symbols an important role. Parents are to be seen mostly also under the aspect 'authority's people'. They are those which stamped our picture of the life. Especially you also symbolise protection, security and security - as experienced or, however, as prevented experiences. To be able to interpret, however, the parental symbol specifically and in detail, it depends on putting the qualities of the actual parents and the 'dream parents' in relation - and on covering then to itself and how to understand expression of own talents, talents and duties.
  • women: In the dream of a woman can explain a woman, as for example members of the family or a friend, an aspect of the personality of the dreaming. Besides, often it concerns an aspect which she has not understood yet completely. In the dream of a man this dream figure represents the respect with his feelings and with his intuition. She can also show how he refers to his partner.
  • brothers and sisters: The brother symbolises for the man his other side which is often unknown to him itself (old ego, second or other I). The sister symbolises this resembles for the woman. Brothers and sisters symbolise of distant qualities which we allow to live on behalf on other people. For example, the career woman dreams of her motherly sister, the drop-out dreams of his brother who can show to great success. Brothers and sisters refer to unlived sides in us who do not have no connection with us, however, at all in such a way as we often think.
  • A goddess or holy woman symbolises the potential of the dreaming concerning the bigger whole. If oriental women appear in the dream, this refers as a rule to the mysterious side of the female. In the dream of a man this figure reveals generally his setting to the sexuality, - in the dream of a woman, however, it is shown more by her intuitive, transcendental strength.
  • An older woman shows either the Anima in the dream of a man or the shade in the dream of a woman.
  • of strangers: In the dream a stranger shows the part Even which the dreaming does not know yet. Maybe he is blocked by a reverence feeling or by a conflict. The stranger makes us fear, but it also lures. So you overcome your shyness of the new and accept it as a possibility. In the acceptance of the stranger lies a big chance. Many myths report not least about gods, as strangers the people visit...
  • friends and friends: With this symbol qualities are expressed which help you and are good. If you look as you would characterise these friends, find out which concrete qualities are meant. friends or female friends in the dream personify positive personality shares of us which we should train more and maintain. They show our ability or need to be friendly to us. These are the forces which strengthen us and spoil. On the other side these dream figures can also call real friends or actual friends. Then the respect with this person or with these people is illustrated. Every now and then both applies at the same time, - the interpretations on the subjective step and on the objective step do not exclude themselves mutually.
  • ugly people: All people who are felt by the dreamers or female dreamers as ugly and revolting show our shadow side. If they try to describe specifically what you feel in this person as ugly. Interpret this symbolically. An especially strong displacement of the shade is given if you feel yourselves as ugly and revolting in the dream. Possibly there are important settings and events, to settle you, have to change or To make up.
  • hero: In the dream of a man the hero can show all his good qualities or be, however, a place holder for his higher Himself. In the dream of a woman the hero refers in the dream to the Animus. If the hero on the search is, the dreaming struggles to find a part of itself which is hidden in the unconscious. It is important to defeat the dark forces. However, they may not be killed completely, because with them also the wise old man can get lost in the dreaming. The Ganzwerdung of the dreaming needs always also of the challenge by the negatives. If the hero fails in the dream, this refers to the fact that the dreaming does not follow the details in his life or neglects the underdeveloped parts of his personality. The death of the hero is possibly a request to the dreaming to develop his intuitive shares. A conflict between the hero and another dream figure refers to basic imbalance between two facets of the character. The hero in the dream is often to be seen as a counterpole to a person hated by the dreaming.
  • Adolescent / adolescent: If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as a youngster, he directs with it his look at an undeveloped side of his personality. If the dream picks out as a central theme a countersexual youngster, this means as a rule that the dreaming argues with suppressed male or female aspects. With the youth linked feelings are very genuine and clear, however, often only in the dream accessibly. Behind the dream a conflict in which it is about freedom can also stand.
  • historical personalities: These personify imaginary qualities of the dreamer. If you know only a little about this person, check in the encyclopaedia the qualities of this personality. Try to make to yourselves a picture of this person, and characterise this then with two or three words. How Li> meets these Charakteristik on you to ? What has this person done that you would also act with pleasure - or before you are afraid?
    • high priest / astrologer or other people with esoteric knowledge: Every figure in the dream which knows magic methods or owns similar knowledge is as a rule the first announcement higher. It seems, as if the person can be initiated only into this deeper knowledge if he meets before his teacher.
    • boy: The dream of a boy stands for growth potential and new experiences. If the dreaming knows the boy, he reflects his qualities. Maybe his appearance is to be remained in the dream a request to the dreaming, with the boy in itself, his innocent youthfulness and the youthful enthusiasm in touch. The vision signals that the dreaming with his natural desires and his spontaneous ability to master difficulties is in the contact.
    • child: If a dream of the children of the dreaming acts, these mostly have the function to get him an access to his own internal child. Every person has a side which has remained childish and curious. To remain with her in touch, increases the access to the potential of the Ganzheitlichkeit. Children symbolise very often also possibilities which would like to be developed. Of course they can symbolise our respect with own or foreign children. It is to be noted whether the dream children are old or young whether they still live at home or come for visit. Young children express above all new possibilities, older children against it special subjects like puberty, love, school, apprenticeship and the accompanying experiences with her hopes and fears. If the children still live at home, the possibilities symbolised by them are lighter to move, as if the children come only for visit. Here the dream / N may point out to the fact that possibilities appear for which one should be open.
    • king: Almost always a king shows the father or the father-figure in the dream. An emperor can point out to the fact that some settings of the father are foreign to the dreaming that he should still maybe accept them, however. If the king is old or dies, the dreaming is able to file outdated or old-fashioned family values.
    • queen: This picture shows the respect of the dreaming with his mother and, hence, to women in authority's positions in general.
    • girl: A girl of any age in the dream shows that the dreaming takes care of contact with his sensitive, innocent side. His intuitive and perceiving abilities are possibly a little bit underdeveloped, but he can make them to himself available. If the dreaming knows the girl, these qualities are maybe aware to him, but he must investigate them from the point of view of the girl. If he does not know them, he admits himself that he lacks the access to these abilities and that he must search them.
    • man: A man who appears in the dream shows a facet of the dreaming in recognizable form. Every person has a Repertoir in behaviour patterns from which some are satisfactory and other not. In dreams these behaviour patterns and signs to make them better visible are often exaggerated or shown as independent personalities. The discussion with them releases additional energy. A man in the dream can refer to the shade of a man or to the Animus of a woman. An older, maybe white haired man shows the innate wisdom which is available to every person. She can also symbolise the father. A big man in the dream symbolises as a rule strength, certainty and protection which the dreaming finds out by his faith. A man in the dream of a woman shows the logical side of her being. She disposes of all aspects of the male which allow her successful operating in the external world. If she knows or loves this man, she argues in the dream with her respect with him. An unknown man shows those parts of the dreaming which he does not recognise. In the dream of a woman an unknown man symbolises her male side, in the dream of a man Even (see 'archetypes').
    • human mass: She shows how the dreaming refers to other people above all in social regard. Nevertheless, this dream symbol can also be a tip that the dreaming wants to hide or hide aspects of itself Himself. Maybe it is about the avoidance of responsibility. A big human mass can also be a tip to information with which the dreaming cannot handle.
    • members of an ethnic minority: Every unusual aspect can express the affiliation to a foreign Ethnie in the dream.
    • neighbours: The neighbours or female neighbours express nearness. It puts the question to itself whether one gets on in the dream with them or not. They show helpful or obstructive qualities of us. Moreover, they personify him or the 'next ones' and the obvious!
    • pirate: He stands for an aspect in the personality of the dreaming who destroys his emotional connection with the soul.
    • prince / princess: They represent those personality aspects of the dreaming which have become conscious by him. As well as the hero has taken over the responsibility for his trip, also carry prince and princess consciously the power of decision for her life.
    • of religious dignitaries: They owe her place in the dream hierarchy of the fact that they owe her authority not only to themselves, but also the intentions and sighting of God or a higher power.
    • inadequate person: It is lighter to confront itself in the protected space of the dream with own inadequacy. Here mostly arises for the first time the opportunity to meet the shade. To ignore such a dream figure, is a great danger. It is a reflexion own and inalienably in the process of the Ganzwerdung.
    • The relatives of a dream figure should draw the attention of the dreaming maybe to the members of his own family and to existing jealousy feelings. The relatives in the dream are either to you related qualities or / and your relations too really existing relatives. Close and distant relatives appear as dream symbols and the close relatives also appeal to being close qualities, however, distant relatives such energy which has already almost got lost to you basically. You should particularly take care of these qualities, while you try to integrate yourselves - completely after her topic - again or to put away, however, finally. Because of this special job the dream also draws the attention to them.
    • forefathers: They stand for those people who have transmitted customs and behaviour patterns, morality and religious feelings about many generations to the dreaming. If they appear in the dream, the dreaming concentrates upon his roots. Maybe he recognises himself by his respect with the past. In the dream they also reflect our notions again.
    • twins / reflexions of dream figures: They are a tip to the polarity of the personality or on the togetherness internal and the external reality. Uniovular twins stand for equivocal feelings concerning Themselves. Twins can also symbolise the projection of the personality on the world.


    If a person begins to open for his spirituality, then an immense knowledge memory is given him with a blow.


    People form luck brings to gym instructors and educators, - then anyhow they also form the people whom one, because they educate to physical physical training, the others, because they to moral education. From good meaning it is also for childless because it promises the birth of lawful children. Further for slave traders and arms, - ersteren many high profits will achieve from her trade, acquire the latter numerous house slaves. The death threatens malefactors, because how one tells, Prometheus ('Deliberately', son of the titan has Iapetos, was tied up to the punishment to a rock in the Caucasus, - an eagle ate daily in his liver which grew again over and over again.) because he has formed people and has stolen the fire, a bad end found. To rich and high-powered people it prophesies a high political office.



    • see: you must appear in future more carefully in the public life if you want to be happy, -
    • many: troubled times, -
    • see eat unknown, and drinking: good income, -
    • clarifies: Health, -
    • happy ones: Wealth, -
    • laugh: glad event approaches, -
    • sad ones: foreign luck will go for you to heart, -
    • see crying: Death in the circle of acquaintances, -
    • mourn: you should give up your plan, it brings you damage, -
    • see sleeping: small joys, -
    • shout: one wants to hold you from something dangerous, -
    • bearded ones: you incline to rage and excited being, -
    • come: expect bigger visit, -
    • walk: it is a quiet, contented time, -
    • run: a danger threatens you, - traffic accident, -
    • fly: happy, unconcerned time.

    (European ones).:

    • one deals too much with itself and should search society and friends, -
    • see a nice one or with him operate: a pleasure of special kind approaches, -
    • see an ugly one: one will experience something ugly, -
    • see a happy one: if brings grief and worries, -
    • see a sad one: one is dragged onto the worries more different or of it are touched, -
    • see in amount together: is valid as a danger to which one should expose himself not needlessly.


    • bearded ones: you have good business partners, -
    • arrest: you have high Gönner, -
    • see happy: you will receive guests, -
    • unknown ones: big profit comes to you to the house, -
    • clever ones: do not trust too much in others.
    (See also woman, man)

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