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The juicy fruit is valid as a symbol for eroticism and dear luck.



  • in general: disappointments mostly announce no good portent, -
  • pick or shop: one will have to be caught on undesirable results of a love affair,
  • cut: disappointed hopes,
  • see or eat: you soon find out something new, - one may hope for a quickly passing luck phase, - also: if promises an affectionate company with the lover (she) or the lover (he),
  • eat and not tasting: Discontent and annoyance,
  • water: to a fool give to faith,
  • sugar: affectionate company.


  • you is a good omen: Present hopes will come to fulfilment, the dreaming goes towards to good and secure times, monotony which melon kind it concerns. Sweet melons stand, in addition, for dear luck, säuerliche for financial success and bitter for hard, but successful work. (Woman

(European ones).:

  • eat: warns about Voreiligkeiten, - from a love affair unexpected or undesirable results are to be expected,
  • see: meant for single a nice lover,
  • for married a discontented spouse,
  • see growing: it approaches one a rosy future without annoyance.


  • big pretenses and not a lot behind it,
  • eat: your trouble is vain,
  • many see in the burr: moderate prosperity,
  • shop: you give your friendship to an unworthy.

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