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Milkers / milk



  • even (cows or goats): Thrift will be useful to you, however, it may not degenerate into stinginess and avarice,
  • see: one wants to use you.

(European ones).:

  • milk: makes the dreaming the luck child, - he may start something what and how he wants, Fortuna will smile to him, - milking (milker) points to chances and possibilities which one should quickly seize with both hands.
  • see: one should learn to seize the luck where always it is,
  • milk itself a cow and with the fact notice that the milk shoots in true streams from the udder, will soon notice that though good chances slip through the fingers of him, however, the happy end is not missing,
  • want to milk, but can get no milk from the udder: for a plan the will is to be praised if the forces may not be also sufficient for this.


  • see: new friendship, - you will make a rich acquaintance.
(See also cow)

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