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Sea tortoise

medicine wheel:

Key words: Earth, - maintenance, - stability, - foundation, - permanence, - hardness, - stubbornly, - slowly, - near the earth, - toughness, - longevity, - earth clan. Description: The sea tortoise is connected in the internal circle of the medicine wheel with the element earth. In the medicine wheel are in the moon of the ground electrode innovation (from the 22nd of December to the 19th of January), in the moon of the returning frogs (from the 20th of April to the 20th of May) and in the moon of the harvest (from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September) Born all accompanying of the tortoise's clan. The sea tortoise is connected with the earth, because it means that she has made available her back as a foundation for North America which the natives called translated »Whispers sweet nothings of Iceland«, as a sea tortoise's island. The people who are associated with the tortoise's clan are stable in her views, ideals and images. They are reliable and loyal, nevertheless, incline sometimes to excessive grimness or stubbornness. The tortoise's clan is associated with the physical aspect of the being. General meaning: The foundation of your life or your philosophy or images sighted, - perceiving in which respect you feel rooted - your connection with the planet and the element earth finding out, - your obligations, opinions and ideals checking, - can be a tip to the fact that you should spend more time with the earth. Association: Ancient, armoured living being. Transcendent meaning: A gift of earth energy, - deeper understanding of your connection with the earth. Wolf clan apprenticeship: Work, - clan animal of the October. (See also 'tortoise')

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