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In general:

Sea symbolises the collective unconscious, moreover, the totality of thought, feelings and hopes or femininity, - stands it still for the way how one goes his life. If the sea is in the foreground in the dream itself, the partner of the dreamer left the reins a little looser. The longing for freedom and independence, she may be still aware so little, will become apparent with the man who dreams of the sea in the next time: either in the form of an outbreak or, however, in the form of imbalance and belligerence. According to accompanying circumstances the following single interpretations are still possible:
  • quiet sea announces a pleasant, peaceful future.
  • of disturbed, stormy sea points to discussions and difficulties.
  • in the sea fall warns about a heavy stroke of fate.
  • in the sea set asks to reflect on itself, so that one becomes happier.
  • from the sea appear enlargement of the consciousness and a fresh start registers in the life.


The sea is a picture for all stranger and unfathomable, for the origin not of the single individual, but all life. In his everlasting On and From it is an archetypal symbol of the full-blooded life with all his heights and depths, but also symbol of the collective unconscious, accordingly his shore (see there) is the border area between that and the personal unconscious. If the dream action not on the sea, but on his shores happens, this is a sign for the fact that the problems of the dreaming lie between his personal one and the collective unconscious. It connects continents and countries. The sea in the dream can indicate the departure in mental new territory as well as dangers which can appear with a Meeresüberquerung. A trip on the sea and his very high waves is the departure to new shores, for finding of a new period of life what can also mean the change of own personality. The aim of the often perilous trip can be interpreted only from other symbols of the vision. Anyway something new approaches about which even our unconscious does not know yet so surely as it will go out finally, however, it already signals us that from now on our whole personality is required.


It dreamt somebody, he falls in the sea, is torn in the depth and has the feeling, long time in such a way dahinzutreiben, - finally, he awoke before fear from the sleep. He married a Hetäre, moved with her and spent the longest time of his life abroad. It is unnecessary to demonstrate the reasons for it.



  • The sea with his depth means the main emperor.
  • Like all rivers into the sea flow, all wealth of the world also runs towards the emperor. Dreams to this, new, unknown rivers float it in the sea, he will attain from distant people wealth and joy. If he looks as the known rivers any more do not pour out her water in the sea, his income will decrease, he himself, however, do not lose to power, - as the sea finds out no decrease.
  • Drinking of a sea water, he will attain from the emperor Reichtum, so much or so little, how he sea water drunk.
  • Dreaming one, he has become man over the sea, he will follow the emperor on the throne and rule.
  • Scooping somebody water from the sea and brings it in vessels in his house, he will be showered by the emperor with imperial goods, provided that he filled many vessels with sea water.
  • Fishing one with baits of fish in the sea, he will get rich means of the emperor, provided that he has caught many fish, - he catches them with nets, he will be proved to be frank to the emperor and obviously rich maintenance of him cover according to the catch which he made.
  • goes for a walk one in the seashore, the feet in the water, he will approach the emperor and, experience the pleasant cooling immediately, joy, - he has liked in the seashore in the dirt, he will fall from favour with the emperor so deeply as he has sunk in the dirt.
  • Seeing one the sea in the distance in quiet movement, the joy which he finds out from the emperor will be lower.
  • Going one in the sea up to the hip and washes, he will become a devoted follower of the emperor and find out his favour according to the bath, - however, the water engulfs him, big worries, oppression and compulsion from on the part of the emperor threaten him, - he swims only, he will be pressed by him and be suppressed, and it will go out to him according to the nearness or distance of the country: if he is near the country, the plagues will be more violent more slightly, he is far away.
  • Dreaming it to one, he drowns in the sea, he will be punished by the emperor in the life.
  • he will throw down
  • Looking somebody the sea at close range in quiet movement, every grief and feel joy.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, as the sea of a known wind rises incredibly, he will be terrified by the people which lives in the wind direction, - the sea throws out after such roaring shark fish and other sea creatures, powerful figures of the empire will fall victim to the rage of the emperor, - he looks the sea in quiet movement, he will take pleasure to his power and dignity, the sea is in turmoil, get beside oneself.
  • even if another this face looks, will come true for the emperor.
  • in the dream on the waves of the sea to stroll, courage, power and a narrow relation to the emperor promises, - it seems to one, he becomes backward on the waves dahingetragen where he wants, the dream will go out even more happily than the previous, - admittedly, not everybody looks this face, but only the leading men and those who will be especially close-knit to the ruler.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he catches fish, if she approachs from the depth, she gives other or lays down them somewhere, he will present his subjects richly or collect treasures.
  • stand before it: a bigger trip start,
  • the quiet: everything will go by your wish, - peaceful life, - longing for the width,
  • moves: your luck is not continual,
  • wildly the storming: troubled times approach you, - stormy life, - also: hot passion,
  • go on it: you venture dangerous things and undertake more than you are able to perform,
  • have a bath in it, swim or see themselves: are carried by a friendly life element,
  • hineinfallen: you will suffer damage,
  • set in it: heavy worries and bad chances are subjected in those you yourself to guilt has.


  • This symbol depends highly on the remaining pictures of the dream. First it stands for living conditions, for the foreign regulations in the life to which we are put out. In general points
"sea" the person concerned in to be a captain on the ship of his life and not blind passenger. He should leave behind his timidity and the play of the life more courageously and above all selfresponsibly join in. The freedom of the decision and the responsibility for his destiny lie only with him.

(European ones).:

  • sign for the fact that new is in the suit - a herald for unfulfilled expectations, - material joys can enjoy, however, have an internal desire for pleasure which cannot satisfy the meat,
  • hear lonesome sighing of the sea: the destiny holds ready for one a laborious and infertile life without love and friendship,
  • quiet, quiet with clear sky: if a happy home announces, - one goes towards to a nice, sunny time,
  • the stormy: indicates at heavy fight with need and worries, - a perilous future promises,
  • hineinfallen: if brings misfortune and infinite damage, - a heavy stroke of fate is to be expected,
  • set in it and drown: with relief from the oppressive worries,
  • appear from it: a new life beginning stands in harmony with the depths of the soul,
  • have a bath in it: if well-being and long life promises, - one will have opportunity to leave behind the everyday worries for a short time,
  • Dreaming a young woman to glide with your lover over the sea her girl-like hopes will come true, and the luck keeps in the door to the fulfilment of continual wedding wishes watch.


  • with waves: you have luck in your shops,
  • the quiet: you will enter an engagement,
  • the stormy: pay attention to your surroundings,
  • go on it: do not proceed needlessly in danger.
  • some other way (arab).
(See also 'river', 'captain', 'sailor', 'ocean', 'ship', 'water' and similar)

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