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Medicine wheel

Key words: Holiness, - connection, - circle, - wheel, - everybody your relative, - life, - harmony, - understanding. Description: The medicine wheel is a concept conformist to the normal usage for holy wheel or the net of the life. In other cultures close to the earth is called that what we call medicine wheel, circle of the strength, Mandala, holy circle and wheel of wisdom. Inside of the holy circle all aspects of the creation are included. All living beings are within the medicine wheel in movement, begin on the position of her birth and end on the position of her Dahinscheidens. So that a person can fulfil his destiny, he should travel by the medicine wheel that he can go through all different positions so often as it is measured for his life. Not every aspect of your being is at the immediately time in the same position what gives account about the fact that you can feel at the same time drawn from many different animals, plants or minerals. General meaning: The holy wheel of the life, the holy circle, the net of the life, - your connection with all your relatives from all creation empires. Association: Medicine - in the allopathic sense, - the wheel of a carriage. Transcendent meaning: Information about the place on which you stand in the medicine wheel in proportion to your spiritual way. If you dream of the medicine wheel, tries to find out where you are in him and what you do there. Pay attention also to possible other beings which are with you in the medicine wheel. This information will enable to you to localise your place in the medicine wheel more exactly.

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