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Association: - Work on the intuition, - enlarged consciousness. Question: - In which manner do I strive for limitless consciousness?

In general:

If in the dream a medium plays an important role, this often means that the dreaming searches the contact with his unconscious or with the death. Under circumstances he also tries to activate his intuition at a new level and to use them differently than up to now.


If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as a medium, this reminds him of the fact that he is connected to a bigger power.


At the spiritual level a medium in the dream can show the wish for contact with the dead people. This must be not necessarily late people. It can also concern elements from the life of the dreaming which are 'dead and which he would like to revive. Medicine / drug Association: - Healing, - antidote. Question: - Where in my life I is to be ready, healthy and whole?

In general:

The taking of drugs in the dream shows that the dreaming knows around his need for healing. A drug in the dream, all the same in which form, draws the attention either to a health problem or to a situation which can be turned by the negative in the positives. The remedy can also stand for an important experience which the dreaming should expose himself because she works on his personal development like a catalyst.


The drug in the dream can symbolise an experience which is disagreeable for a moment, but in the long term yields fruit. The bitter medicine which is given us in the dream can remind us of the fact that one must swallow something in the life. This makes us riper and gives experiences which show the way to us how we can make everything better. Though tasty medicine well goes down, however, is not valid generally as helpful, - therefore, she mostly indicates for the awake life that one ventures not enough to get on. In addition, it can remind the dreaming, nevertheless, also of his selfhealing forces innate to him.


At this level drugs in the dream show the spiritual need for curative influence in the life of the dreaming.



  • see: one says you the truth,
  • take: watch out for excesses, - they could become perishable for you,
  • take a tasty one: hopes for bigger income will not come true,
  • take a bitter one: she indicates the necessary meditation which helps us,
  • for sick people - take: one will be soon released from his sufferings,
  • give to another: one will stand to a person who trusts completely with words and deeds aside.

(European ones).:

  • take a tasty one: one hopes a profit, however, will suffer a loss,
  • bitter ones take: you will control your enemies and finish them, - one should reflect again on 'without diligence no price',
  • give to somebody a tasty one: one will grant to somebody requested advice or help,
  • give to somebody a bitter one: one will not finish an opponent.


  • take: Disputes in the family.
(See also medicament, doctor, hospital)

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