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Medikarion (plant)



  • The Medikarion means abundance and higher respect and points to different people, - then once sowed, it is harvested seven years.
  • Dreaming one, he orders his field with this herb, he will come of his hands work to prosperity, - his field carries off rich harvest, he will find big wealth and right faith.
  • he encloses
  • seed of the plant in memories, the wealth will cost less work and be more considerable.
  • he will attain
  • Threshing he the Medikarion from to get seed according to his amount of stamped gold and a considerable property.
  • Having the sowing no success, become his expectations zuschanden, and he will live in oppressive poverty.
  • he will suffer
  • Eating he himself from the plant, according to the consumed amount of need.
(See also 'herbs')

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