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In general:

Poorer one requests to diligence and patience, - moreover, he can be understood as a sure base of the life.


The man the stone around stone aufeinandersetzt, until the house is ready, circumscribes the friend (or also the doctor) who provides for the fact that we are emotionally and physically in good constitution. Who sees himself in the dream as a bricklayer without being it in the awake life, something would like to be based patiently what is useful to him and his next members.



  • see standing: you will show little desire to the work,
  • see working: one will make progress himself in the life if one is diligent and keen, - also: you think of own home,
  • even one be: one will create a good and carefree future, however, should watch out to overestimate his abilities.

(European ones).:

  • send a reminder to the perseverance at the work and warn about idleness,
  • see: one must have in a thing more patience,
  • allow to build a house of these: Signs for loss by illness,
  • do even as such works: one is based a lasting luck.


  • see: you should not reduce your diligence,
  • see working: you will have to have a lot of patience for your plan.
(See also wall)

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