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Mule / mule

Association: - Stubbornness, - stubborness, - staying power. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for keeping up?


Mule (mule) is often interpreted in terms of donkey, - often he symbolises stubbornness and stubbornness, partially, however, also life skill.


Mules help in every regard, particularly for the agriculture because they are diligently at the work. 'They are then more excellently than cattle to move by ample fallows the good-quality plowshare', as the writer says. They are harmful (to Homer Ilias 10, 352following) Only of one marriage and the fathering of younger generation because the animals are without seed. Furious donkeys or mules prophesy posters from on the part of subordinates, mules also illness as I have often ascertained.



  • Dreaming one, he rides on a mule, he will go from free pieces on travelling, but only annoyance and hardship of it have, - then all mules whether manly or female, mean each to failing one any plan because they can have no colts.
  • Seeming it one, he rides on a mule and comes to a house which is completely from acts, and takes them, he will start a trip to drive taxes, but the emperor will be damaged by him and he himself no advantage, besides, have because the mule is genital-incapable.
  • this calls
  • Riding somebody a mule loaded with luggage, each a disgraceful, poor woman, - a tallness this face looks, he will fall for a disgraceful woman and come because of the mule to distress.
  • Losing somebody a mule, the misery about him which will change into joy will come.
  • sold somebody a mule at a profit, he will be released from grief and grief.
  • kicking
  • Becoming one of a mule, he will come to bad, limited in time, sudden distress.
  • see: you are angry at the manner of a friend, - also: small luck in the domestic,
  • lead: you are modest and give,
  • mount: an astonishing trip which you must undertake,
  • load: you have to perform heavy work,
  • see loading: one will please you by presents,
  • ride: one expects you with big honour.

(European ones).:

  • mules see: Reminder to tough enduring in a matter which one would already like to give up tiredly or moody,
  • (mule), see: is on the care against spiteful enemies, - warning of half measures,
  • (mule) lead or on him ride: you will go on an unwieldy trip, - one deals with things which are nothing half and nothing whole,
  • mules lead or ride on it: one has got involved in extremely unsafe shops, - one achieves his aim without other incidents, waves than wage for the fear, nevertheless, full profit,
  • are kicked by one: it kriselt just in the love relationship,
  • a dead one: stands for broken marriage promises and social descent,
  • she will marry
  • Dreaming a young woman of a white mule, a rich foreigner - or a well-to-do man with whom she does not get on.
  • they will surround
  • running the mules before her of it, many admirers and pretty boys, but she will receive no marriage proposal.
  • see loading: you will receive many presents in a wedding.


  • ride on it: your enemies want to deceive you.
(See also donkey)

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