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Mulberries, i.e. the fruits, mean the same like the pomegranates, - point because of her colour to wounds, because of her stings on tortures and because of the Eleusinischen legend on slavery and submission. (Kore is an epithet of Persephone. By the pleasure of a pomegranate Persephone kidnapped by Hades, the daughter of the Demeter, the right, on remaining return lost to the upper world. Hence, eleusinischen Mysten the fruit of this tree was forbidden) The tree refers to the gender of the dreaming. If he stands in full blossom, he announces a forthcoming happy event, he is torn out with the root, he brings to the gender of the dreaming death and downfall.



  • green tree: may count on plentiful income,
  • fruits: Abundance and wealth.

(European ones).:

  • see tree: if promises wealth and an old age, honour, luck, prosperity, blessing and good views,
  • fruits one will own abundance and wealth, - a happy trip and rich marriage.


  • see tree: your fields will yield good fruit.

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