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In general:

In the dream the wall normally indicates the borders which to itself the dreaming, has maybe established for his protection, himself. Nevertheless, a wall which offers protection also shifts the look at the freedom. Hence, it is necessary to check every now and then whether she is really still necessary. She also stands often for an obstacle on the life, - one rises about that, one will overcome it. If one jumps of her, points to risks, the fall on failures. If one is surrounded by a wall, can warn about isolation and isolation or indicate the need for security.


A wall symbolises a dividing line between the inside and appearance, between intimate sphere and trusting openness.
  • a hole in a wall points to an injury of the trust or the intimate sphere.
  • Being the dreaming within the wall caught, so she stands for his fears, doubts and difficulties. If the wall disappears and appears again, the dreaming has mastered his problems only partly.
  • of The dreamers who looks behind a poor protection hides some mental grief from his environment in the awake life.
  • Standing he before it and she has no gate, should be obstructed to him something, above all if she is high.
  • The gate in a wall circumscribes our erotic wishes after Freud, - we would like to cross it, nevertheless, do not have the right courage to it.
  • standing position we on a wall and we jump down from there, resembles to the jump in an adventure in the awake life.
  • we left
  • to falls we, however, from a dream wall, in the everyday life rather from ventures the fingers.
  • the walls which crush, narrowing streets or mountains which suddenly move up are brought, by the way, with the respiratory organs in connection, with sign gland disturbances, asthma and angina pectoris.


At the spiritual level a wall symbolises the Umgrenzungen of a holy district. It is a symbol of the protection and the preservation.


Of all parties, e.g., walls, foundation walls, old trees, iron and steel, is favorable to nervous minds if one thinks of it umhegt, - then because of the security which they grant they release from fear. Otherwise they prophesy rescue by escape.



  • see or before himself have: bump into obstacles, - also, - one is kept away from something,
  • invincible have without gate or holes before himself: soon have to count on big difficulties, - also: bump into the opposition of people who hinder him in his personal advancement,
  • by walls be surrounded: one is not free in his actions,
  • see being based: Diligence and work,
  • establish: you are annoyed and hear on no good word,
  • see collapsing: menacing chances in view have, - also: a being close person needs words, - also: your hopes do not come true,
  • see tearing down: very much are bothered,
  • tear: the last obstacles to luck and love fall,
  • lean: one Overlooking you on purpose,
  • climb: you find a way out from your worries,
  • stand on one: Plans can be realised which are connected, however, with a certain risk, - also: your future is protected,
  • exceed: your secret love expects you, - also: a way out from a muddled situation find,
  • tumble down: one must watch out for an accident.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for obstacle or protection, according to situation of the dreaming,
  • see before himself: is valid for annoyance and frustration, - obstacles lie down to one in the way,
  • obstruct the way: one will succumb to negative influence and experience defeats in important matters,
  • stand on one: if means success and victory, as well as perseverance protects you success, - one will achieve his aim,
  • of one jump down: warns about much too big boldness and daredevil attitude as well as dangerous enterprises,
  • of one fall: it will fail a little bit,
  • establish one: is valid for coping of all obstacles and luck in the enterprises, - also: one will concern plans roofed and secure wealth in such a way that disasters or enemies to him can wear nothing,
  • see an unexceedable wall before himself: you have no view to achieve the put aim,
  • climb: concealed love,
  • exceed: finally, after heavy efforts you will find a sure existence, - means overcoming obstacles,
  • about one jump: one will overcome obstacles and put into action wishes, - one has got involved in a risqué enterprise,
  • see falling down: Danger for you and your family,
  • tear: you will conquer the lover (lover), - also: Enemies overpower,
  • a hole hineinschlagen: one will be successful by purposeful being,
  • Running a young woman on a wall, her future luck will be soon protected.
  • she will enter
  • hidden to herself a young woman behind a wall, in connections which she is ashamed.
  • Running a young woman along a wall base, she will have to look after many things at the same time and leaves in unsafe times alone.


  • stand on her: you have to fight with food worries,
  • upset: Death in your family,
  • of her herabspringen: Danger nearby,
  • see before himself: good success in all your shops,
  • are based: you pile up obstacles between yourself and your aim by own guilt.
(See also 'building')

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