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In general:

A typical symbol for sexuality, birth and death. In the traditional interpretation: A young man 'from good house' has had a good time 'unbefitting social standing' with a 'Matratzenmademoiselle'.


Sexual satisfaction is important for most people. If a dream of a mattress acts, this is made clear a tip to how the dreaming handles with his sexuality, and is contented, whether he or not. Who lies only on her, something has missed in the life, must be content with him what he owns presently. The fact that luck still keeps waiting him. Mattress also often indicates insecurity, lacking energy and decisive weakness, - then one should learn to control himself better and to let drag the reins not simply. Like a dream in which a bed seems expels them to the feelings of the dreaming with regard to - comfortable or uncomfortable - situation which he has created in the life. The dreaming is aware next of his basic needs, can well relax and express himself completely.


At the spiritual level the vision contains mattress the warning not to neglect the spiritual satisfaction in favour of the sexual ones.


The mattress, the rest bed and everything what belongs to the sleeping site mean the wife of the dreaming and the living conditions all together.



  • have before himself or on it lie: by fasch approximated ambition in unpleasant matters and relations get,
  • softy: in the arms of the love you forget your worries,
  • hard: a healthy, long life.

(European ones).:

  • lie on it: if damage announces by lack of firmness, - also: the coming lack of money, therefore, one is sparing,
  • on a new one sleep: points to satisfaction with the present surroundings,
  • see: To pull together itself reminder, more and to develop initiative, - also: one will perceive shortly new duties,
  • old decayed: Grief, restlessness, illness,
  • see a mattress factory: one will find clever business partners and achieve financial success.


  • you will found own home.
(See also bed,' piece of furniture')

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