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Mast / mast (ship)


Mast can point as a phallic symbol to dissatisfied sexual needs. Further he often embodies a mental position which is to be shaken by nothing and to be bent. Traditionally interpreted: A voyage about a big water approaches.



  • you can be proud of your work, - points to strength and accomplished achievement, - one carries with big plans,
  • with sail: one will well make headway by the realisation of his plans,
  • without sail: one has still made long ago not all efforts to achieve his put aims.

(European ones).:

    long, nice trips, new friendship and financial profit, prophesy
  • see: one will stand proud and just in the life,
  • without sail: one will still have to make an effort to achieve the put aims,
  • with sail: one will quickly make headway in his efforts,
  • the mast of a sinking ship: stands for sudden changes in the life, - one must renounce expected nice things,
  • a sailor that of a mast dreams, will soon open to a very eventful trip.


  • see: your salary will soon make amends.
(See also ship)

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