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Association: - Automation, - simplification, - repetition. Question: - By which tiresome work is I to be escaped ready?

In general:

Machine expresses habits, prejudices and similar ground ways of thinking and behaviour patterns which should hinder spontaneity and selfdevelopment and be opened, therefore, again. Now and again she also symbolises the wish for well-arranged, regulated living conditions. If in the dream a machine plays an important role, this often deals something with the involuntary 'mechanical' functions of the body, like respiration and heartbeat. If the dreaming notes in his dream that a machine does not function any more, this draws the attention of him to the fact that he maybe loads a certain part of his being too strongly.


In the age of the technology machines are nothing special, they are rather means to the working relief of the person. In the dream the machines refer, so long it does not concern close machines of the everyday life, because of psychic conflicts. The machine has taken the place of the natural forces in the dream, her state and function can also give explanation about the kind of his problems to the dreaming therefore. Thus all strange machines appearing in the dream should be understood as a warning signal and everyday machines have maintained as for example the washing machine often still the function of the suitable natural symbols. The washing machine would be in this case a symbol for cleaning. A machine in the dream can symbolise the brain and the thought process. A colossal machine in the dream possibly transports the tip that the dreaming is guided in unilaterally injurious manner towards his intellect. Where she roars and rolls, there is the life - translates: the luck-like experience of a successful activity. An old, rotted machine circumscribes a psychic disturbance which one should follow.


At the spiritual level a machine in the dream shows the life process.



  • see: indicates at commercial diligence, - also: one does not need you any more,
  • see working the way up in one: one feels demanded and will live furthermore under good financial conditions,
  • in company: no difficulties on the other life,
  • except company: To make headway fear of spiritual Abstumpfung and difficulties in the life,
  • repair: some obstacles are to be got out of the way in future.

(European ones).:

  • new ones see: one has regular and regulated relations before himself, - however, prosperity promises also stress,
  • see one in company: one will carry out a project and the other life will run smoothly,
  • they supervise as a machinist and hold in order: Wealth and honour,
  • serve: one will have to deal with a complicated matter,
  • get stuck in one: if commercial losses and big misfortune,
  • prophesy
  • old machines: Enemies will overpower to one with the construction of a property,
  • broken or not functioning ones see: Warning before an irregular or disarrayed life, - tells events in which will disturb the regulated way of own life,
  • damaged or not functioning ones fix: if means the removal of obstacles or difficulties which disturb the regulated way of the life
  • damaged or not functioning want to fix in vain: one will suffer a miss or loss by disarrayed relations.


  • you will lead a regular life.
(See also 'power station', 'factory', 'railroad engine', 'machinery')

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