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Marien's grass

medicine wheel:

Key words: Respect, - connection with the earth, - wisdom, - winter-hard, - reed-like, - long, - sweetly, - gift, - preparation, - understanding, - hair of mother earth, - Waboose, northern guardian of the mind. Description: The Marien's grass becomes as a plant with the north and Waboose, to the northern guardian of the mind related. Marien's grass, with botanical name Hierochloe odorata, is a winter-hard reed-like grass growing on the edge from wetlands and was widespread before the settlement of North America by the Europeans. After his almost complete eradication it came whole Time-long from Canada in the USA. Now, however, the people have started making Marien's grass in different regions of North America again home. Earlier Marien's grass, before one cut it, was twisted and, therefore, received also the name »the hair of the mother«. Generally it served as avenger's means and it was called that the sweet smell of the burning plant would draw positive energy and good geniuses and promise a successful ceremony. General meaning: The state of your respect with mother earth, - the degree of your respect for the earth. Association: - Transcendent meaning: For the dream state good energy and good geniuses herbeiholen.

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