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Ophthalmologist (or optician)


If one goes in the dream to an ophthalmologist or an optician, this means that he corrects a wrong point of view, a distorted view of a thing, - one may expect that one will perceive the reality, a certain situation soon again clearer, the dreaming not sees through clearly has and, hence, needs support in addition. However, maybe this is called also that one must develop a new perception. An ophthalmologist in the dream is possibly to be understood also as a tip that the dreaming should deal with the art of the seeing. Clairvoyance can be also possibly meant.


This dream refers to the ability to improve the perception.


(European ones).:

  • you are observed - you cannot be ensnared,
  • see an ophthalmologist or to one go: one will soon be able to correct his distorted point of view and see the things right.
(See also doctor, glasses, optician)

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