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This animal symbolises aggressiveness in the dream. Intemperance and the male driving force, as well as passion and vitality. With this vision the dreaming is sometimes warned against not overestimating himself, against practicing more consideration or against controlling his aggressions more. It depends in the dream always on the state of the marten: If he is old, ill, tamed or he sleeps, the wish of the dreaming for more self-control expresses itself in it.


The Ichneumon and the marten mean because they are to be tamed wildly and hard, cunning and devious people who can be never well-disposed to the dreaming namely calls of the Ichneumon men, the martens women.



  • see: protect your possession, so that you are not robbed, - also: your marriage and love is in danger, - also: in close vicinity is a person who shrinks back by his lack of restraint concerning his own advantages from nothing and still substantial damage can arrange,
  • hit: Annoyance by bad women, - Widerwärtigkeiten remain to you not saved,
  • kill one: one will turn away a menacing loss still on time and problems can remove,
  • shoot: you will come into money by foreign people.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for too strong sexual Triebhaftigkeit, - one must pull itself together more,
  • see: if one himself promises a theft or deception should fall victim,
  • kill: Freeing from Widerwärtigkeiten and overcoming all obstacles.


  • you will deal with gossips,
  • see: provide for the time of the need.
(See also fox, predator)

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