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In general:

Manuscript can warn about curiosity or embody the need for selfrepresentation and communication.


The dream wants to remind you of unfinished works. Have you tried to edge out an urgent obligation? But also before curiosity and too much selfrepresentation is warned.



  • A new situation announces itself in which one does not know how one should properly behave, - worry and grief, - also: you should leave your plan no longer.

(European ones).:

  • one see general: one knows not so surely as one should behave, - however, it would be imprudent to push a certain plan further on the long bank.
  • an incomplete one: stands for disappointments,
  • the clearly written, perfect: big hopes will come true,
  • work on one: one will be worried around a little bit very much,
  • blurred formulation avoids: one will succeed with his plans,
  • of the publisher rejected: if a fruitless phase announces in the life, - however, the wishes come true later,
  • lose: stands for the coming disappointments.


  • read: you are interested too much in other people,
  • write: all your wishes will come true,
  • send: give up your hopes, other things will occupy in very next time you.

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