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Team games


Dreams of team games refer without fail to our behaviour to the 'teams' to whom we belong in the real life - in the job, in the family. Everything, what in a football, handball. Basketball, volleyball or, otherwise, to a team's play passed, is a tip to own team partners in the life. Petty jealousies, envy, disappointments, but also friendship and joy of the dream have her parallels in the life, only the dream will not bring forward in this direct form, but rather the causes for it. Has one scored in the dream a goal or even an own goal? Has one committed a foul? Also the other partners in the dream one should consider himself with the football or handball closer. With the football or handball the goalkeeper may embody somebody who wants to hinder to one in some certain ones, and also the referee will play his role. (See also ball, referee, to plays)

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