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Association: - Yang aspect, - actively. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for more self-assertion?

In general:

Man symbolises (manly) as an old symbol mostly consciousness, mind, mind, energy and will, often combined with hardness and aggressiveness. With women he can indicate sexual needs. Other meanings arise from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • old man often dives in terms of leader or guru (look up under these headwords).
  • young man can point to restlessness, restlessness, energy or unrestrained sexuality.
  • thick man is often understood in terms of Weichherzigkeit and sympathy.
  • big man warns about aggressiveness or ‹berbetonung of the mind.
  • small man can symbolise feeling of inferiority (often also sexual).


After C.G.Jung means the unknown man who appears in the man's dream, the unaware shadow side of the dreamer which would like to force him in the awake life to a discussion with itself and his own defects. In women's dreams he is of the Animus, the unaware male side of the women's psyche. With young girls this Animus often appears in the form of the teacher, the father or an idol. To dreams women of an unknown man, so her expectations of a partner and his qualities desired from the woman are reflected in this picture. These expectations are already fixed in the childhood and youth of the dreaming by the father or are stamped. If the real partner of the dreaming does not correspond, nevertheless, to these unaware expectations, problems and disappointment are the result. If a dreamer with a young man speaks, she may count on a lot of distraction in the everyday life which she lets forget some worry. If one takes in the dream the advice of an old man, one can hope for a happy turn in the awake life. A dark man see, meant after Old-Egyptian dream wisdom that dangers lurk for the dreamer.



  • see a big and strong one: you will have an irritating meeting,
  • an unknown young one: Worries, - can also point to carelessness which could end fatally,
  • with beard: in the next time threatens rage and discord,
  • to small ones see: Derision of your personality,
  • with long hair and big beard: is not timourous, it can happen to you nothing,
  • old: long life, - one will get good advice which helps one to luck,
  • thicker: it approach you comfortable hours,
  • without head: points to a developing state which we should overcome,
  • for woman - many men see: you will distribute several baskets.

(European ones).:

  • with women sexual-erotic to understand, to understand with men as a discussion with itself by internal observation of own defects,
  • see or with one operate: if it concerns an old man, one will receive a good advice, - it concerns a young man, it comes to restlessness or restlessness,
  • see for men, - one without head: one acts absolutely unthinkingly and should overcome his 'rash',
  • young girl has got: it will still have to wait long, until it comes to reality so far,
  • woman is hit by one: she is loved by him inexpressibly,
  • a good-looking man, well built and sportily: one will enjoy the life in full trains and attain big possessions,
  • misshapenly and crustily: it expect to a disappointment and difficulties,
  • as a woman see a thick one: sees to a woman every wish of the eyes,
  • see a young one: the next time becomes very worried and a strain for the nerves,
  • her one honouring is given
  • Dreaming a woman of a good-looking man. If he is ugly, she will get annoyance by a supposed friend.


  • Also an unknown old man who is well formed means the destiny of the person, known mostly that of the dreaming. An unknown young man against it always calls an enemy, - however, a known young man means either this itself or a person similar to him or a namesake.
(See also age, teacher, man, person, father and other male symbols)

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