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(Graphic figure - circle or polygon - with the distinctive centre which is used in the Indian religion as a meditation help.) Association: - The totality, - entirety. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to lend comprehensive expression to my being?

In general:

The Mandala counts to the mightiest symbols which often appear in dreams and - although they are not recognised - mostly have to inform us of important. There is of a circle which encloses a quadrangle, and in his middle a figure (which often shows ourselves) is as a rule. Jung gave the Hindu's name 'Mandala' or 'magic circle' to this motive and saw in it a representation of the human soul. This symbol appears worldwide basic pattern: Romulus laid to the architect's plan of Rome the Mandala, and many other towns of the antiquity - including Jerusalem - also have this form. The Hindu's temple is built as a Mandala. It shows four corners of the earth which circle round her middle, or 'I which circles in time and space round itself' - that is an entire integration external and internal Itself. In the Hindu and Buddhist art the Mandala shows the universe and the internal world of the human soul. It is worthwhile to think about the fact that every circular symbol - circle, disc, globe, wheel, even a hula Hoop tyre - can be a Mandala. Although the symbol is hard to be recognised, it will give to recognise itself because of his importance often itself. One 'says' one that it is important, while it refuses to disappear from the thoughts. With the awakening one can fight maybe sometimes a certain one, to an at first insignificant appearing picture not from the head. Every such picture is probably important, and if it is circular, it could be a Mandala. Whether it is now a Mandala or not, is not especially important for the dreamer, as long as it is recognised as an important symbol. Presumably one will recognise it as such because it does not go from the head. One could write about the meaning of the Mandala though still over pages and pages, however, this would not necessarily help the average dreamer. Unfortunately, there remains if it is recognised, one of the dream symbols which are to be understood especially difficultly - simply because his meaning is so mysterious and apparently associations with the depths of the dreamer's soul exist. It can express the draught of whole own life, by the birth up to the death. The Mandala could appear in your dream also as a kaleidoscope or in geometrical patterns, as one makes them with the circle. Every colour in connection with the Mandalasymbol can be important - like colours generally-. To make a drawing of your dream particularly helps when a Mandala is central in it. Some psychologists advise it, the symbol which you saw in the dream to go over not simply minuzi÷s but to use it as a starting point and to let improvise own pencil or paintbrush. If possibly, one should use for own vision colours and also insert words if these met one in the dream. Presumably one finds out that one very exactly would like to draw some Bildt's haste, while others draw themselves almost by itself - almost in such a way, as if one dreams them. Then the ready vision shows the pattern of own present life with his menaces or joys, wishes or fears. The areas of the picture which have arisen from own unconscious, will give to a tip to the direction which one should smash.


A Mandala is a holy form which seems in variations with most religions. Typically for a Mandala is a circle which surrounds a square with a symbol in the centre, - it shows the Ganzheitlichkeit of the life. A Mandala is mostly used as an aid with meditations. On this base it can become a personal symbol for the trip of the chaos to the order. The Mandala, from C.G.Jung as an archetypal expression of the soul understood, can often appear in the dream, without the dreaming knows what shows it. Only if he paints it afterwards, he can recognise it as a Mandala. This shows that the Mandala is a real expression of the individuality of the dreaming and his image of Ganzheitlichkeit.


As soon as be the person I and the individuality linked with it have understood, the soul strives for representation. The concurrent expression of Ganzheitlichkeit and separate being in this figure catapults the dreaming into an absolutely new space. The Mandala in the dream can put graduations for spiritual progress.

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