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In general:

Painter (in) can be understood in terms of artist (art). As a craftsman he indicates that one must exert himself to achieve respect and success. He also expresses erotic needs or announces a surprise.


Step in our dreams mostly as the more buoyant, but a little bit careless man on who swings his paintbrush (in view of many dream researchers a pure sexual symbol) and paints in coloured colours this what we expect in confidential from the awake life. What he draws black on white, is particularly to be followed, it could describe a little bit dreary situation in our awake life.



  • see: nice work, however, little salary, - also: Luck with the other gender,
  • see working: your judgment without understanding brings you in a disagreeable situation,
  • watch at the work: under good living conditions one will reach an old age,
  • be: do not venture on difficult things,
  • see themselves as such: one will soon get involved in a dear affair,
  • are painted by one: an old connection possibly revives again.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the longing or hope for a new, other life, the wish for conversion, the planning of changes in erotic regard, - luck for all areas of life by view,
  • see one: one has a lot of luck with the other gender and wishes a change in the life,
  • or painter at the work see: if luck promises generally and promises an old age.


  • see: you will see an astonishing picture,
  • be: you love the beauty.
(See also painter, palette, paintbrush)

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