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Association: - Change, - embellishment. Question: - What would like I to change or improve?

In general:

In the awake state the person often does not recognise his creative abilities. If a dream of the time acts, this draws the attention of the dreaming also to the other talents from which he still anticipates nothing. If he looks at painting in his dream, this shows that he devotes himself ideas and images which were not aware to him up to now. If the dreaming lacquers something in his dream, this refers to recognizable changes in his thinking and feeling.


To times can register in the positive sense as one develops in the next time and forms the life. If this does not apply, it can point to deceptions and palliation or the inclination to excessive optimism or pessimism, - besides, one must above all still consider the symbolic salary of the colours which are used to the time and that what one paints or what is painted. Because to times deals a lot with self-printout, it can play an important role as the dreaming paints in his dream. If he deals, for example, with miniatures, he must concentrate upon the details. If he devotes himself to big pictures, he must possibly develop a more global perspective.


At this level means to times that to itself the dreaming creates spiritual scenario.



  • paint: watch out for swindlers,
  • can be painted: Vanity creates heart grief, - to come need to representation and validity,
  • particularly the colours Blue, Green and White stand out with a picture, one will still have a lot of luck in the life, - While Red and black point to disputes and need, - brown tones warn about a possible accident.

(European ones).:

  • do it: announces all kinds of flirtations,
  • with colour use of white, green, blue and all tender shadings: if means unclouded luck,
  • with Red: occasional luck disturbances by quarrel and quarrel,
  • with Yellow: occasional luck disturbances by envy,
  • with grey: occasional luck disturbances by melancholy thoughts,
  • with black: occasional luck disturbances by grief and grief,
  • with brown: occasional luck disturbances by external bad luck,
  • can be painted: one reins his craving for administration and keeps back 'magnificent appearances',


  • can be painted: your dear luck continues,
  • a picture: you will find by a Mrs. Förderung.
(See also pictures, colours, 'paintings', 'artists', 'renovating')

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