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Maize / corn fields

medicine wheel:

Key words: Nährmittel, - balance, - connection with the earth, - health, - to parts, - female blessing, - harvest, - the everlasting mother, - protector, - with the earth related, - mother earth. Description: Maize counts together with the bean and the garden pumpkin in the medicine wheel to those plants which are associated in the internal circle of the medicine wheel with the position of the mother earth. Maize is a field product which forms piston and comes originally from North America, Central America and South America. Maize is a main food of the people of this continent: He was called together with the bean and the garden pumpkin »three sisters«. There is a whole series of legends about how three sisters came to the people. One reports about the death of the first woman in the childbed and about her burial by her good son who had come into the world as a full-grown person. After some time the son returned to the grave of his mother, and from her body three sisters had grown, during her forehead the holy tobacco plant sprang forth. And thus one says that the first woman gave her body of the mother to earth, so that the humanity about the millenniums could be nourished. An another story trades of the fact that three plants Always grow together to remind the people of the fact that harmony of the world is much better than disagreement. It means that three plants, while they support themselves mutually in her growth, inspire the people to do the same. Maize, bean and garden pumpkin are complementary in her growth and provide for a well-balanced meal if they are consumed together. Three sister's plants were also valid as spiritual gifts. In particular maize was, to flour ground, a frequent ceremonial ingredient. Everybody three belonged to the contents of medicine bags to guarantee a good connection with the earth for the bearer. General meaning: What brings you food, - what you would like to feed, - a wish for harmony, - leader to more harmony. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation of your connection with the mother earth, - a preserved or given away gift.


The corncob is a phallic symbol which should state something about the life strength and the dear strength of the dreaming.



  • good, ripe see, eat or harvest: good health and long life,
  • worse: bad views in the occupation have,
  • see corn field: Money comes to the house,
  • corncob: the property grows,

(European ones).:

  • shelling the corncob promises varied success and joy,
  • other see with the maize harvest: one will participate in the luck of friends or relatives,
  • walk by a green and luxuriant corn field with hardly hanging down pistons: points to big prosperity for the farmer, - it promises good grain and rich harvests, as well as harmony at home, - to young people a lot of joy and true friends are forecast,
  • spoilt pistons: disappointments and losses announce themselves,
  • young maize is anew ploughed: if favour promises with high-powered people and future success,
  • ripe maize: if fame and prosperity,
  • announces
  • see harvesting: the biggest wishes will come true,
  • peeled maize: points to productive connections and unlimited furtherances,
  • eat green maize: if harmony promises among friends and happy connections for young people.
(See also beans,' Gartenkürbis'')

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