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In general:

In general he stands often for the anew discovered creative forces which should be simply used more. A maypole in the dream shows the male principle and the 'dance' which the dreaming experiences if he succeeds in coming with his own universe to the pure one. The maypole symbolises the central pole of the world which the dreaming establishes for himself. If a dream of a maypole acts, this sexual meaning can have and brings as a phallic symbol awaking sexual needs to the prelight. He can also refer to how the dreaming handles with his life.


Festivities and occasions for celebrations are important for the person, so that he feels fine with himself. Often the maypole is a symbol for festivity and for the beginning of a new period of life. He can show in the dream, however, also the passing by time, maybe also tips to the time planning give which is necessary in some situations.


At the spiritual level the maypole in the dream is a phallic symbol, the effigy of male spirituality and life-making a donation energy.


(European ones).:

  • see: you will soon experience a big luck, - one will receive from a dear person a present or get a wish full, - also: Festivities,
  • break off, throw away or see wilted ones: Separation of a beloved person or loss of an expensive memory.

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