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There is a sleeping state in which the sleeping recognises that he dreams and could wake. This seems to the dreaming to demand on the one hand, to take note of certain events or of circumstances. Through this on the other hand he is enabled to use waking as therapeutic means, to intervene in the dream and to give him possibly a better end. Do not wake in the dream (really) one understands mostly in such a way that one spontaneously realises a connection, something sees which was not recognizable up to now yet. Now and again it is thereby pointed out also to an especially important process in the dream which runs off immediately before or after. To wake in the dream, however, can also be called that one leaves behind a time of the grief and seclusion.


Wake is synonymous with realisation.



  • in the sleep: you will experience something unexpected, but little nice thing.

(European ones).:

  • in the early morning: Luck and satisfaction, - pleasant news, - good performance,
  • during the day: Annoyance,
  • in the evening: failing hopes.

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