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Magic / magician

Association: - Work in power about internal and external worlds or forces, - transformation. Question: - About which forces am I man, or which forces do I fear?

In general:

If the dreaming applies magic in his dream, he uses his energy to create something without strain or difficulties. He is able in addition, the situation in which he is to hold under control, so that can develop the things in his favour and he them after his needs and wishes form. Magic should not be mistaken for witchcraft and spiritualism. If the reader interprets his dream, he can expect the opposite of the dreamt. Real magic is the study of the higher truth of the nature.


If it is in the dream about magic, this is in connection with the ability of the dreaming to combine with his deepest power. On this occasion, it can concern sexual power, but also a general power about his sphere.


At the spiritual level magic in the dream is the symbol for a mysterious strength which the dreaming does not understand and can understand.


(European ones).:

  • pursue: admonished to the biggest care,
  • realise a plan with magic: it approach a pleasant surprise,
  • if other exercise this art: brings out changes of unexpected spring,
  • a magician see: if promise surprises and unexpected events, - a person who is occupied with higher education: interesting trips, - businessmen will make good profits.

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