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Association: - Achievement, - achievement. Question: - Where in my life I look for recognition?


For everybody which does not pursue actor by profession or hobby mean dreams in which he has an appearance that he is procured around his personality and his effect on others. On the stage we display to us, exactly how in the everyday life: We hope for applause and sometimes harvest booing. The audience probably shows friends, neighbours and colleagues of our Wach-Ichs. One tries to remember every detail of the dream audience, and should find tips for the identification in the dream. Crowds of people can pose problems. One walks towards them courageously. Does one know, how has one to answer and what one has to say? Or did one play his reaction? Every inaccessibility of the play, (if one forget his text or the part not persuasive plays) could show (maybe unconsciously) inadequacy in the awake life. Is one in the limelight completely alone, all eyes in the hall only on one directed? An awful feeling? Then one is afraid of failure - or a perfection kink and always fears not to be good enough and 'to lose his face'. The appearance asks to show courage and to position itself to the responsibility. He states the readiness to protect others. In the negative he stands for bluff to overestimate itself. (See also applause, 'stage', 'theatre')

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